6 Ways to Cure Your Holiday Hangover With an App


As we enter prime Hangover Season, otherwise known as The Holidays, plenty of us will be left wondering why we thought it was a great idea to drink such an ungodly amount of eggnog/hard cider/hot toddies/insert-seasonal-beverage-here last night.

Oh yeah – because it’s The Holidays!

When your head is killing you, your body aches, your mouth feels like a cotton ball, and you’re tired and grumpy, you will undoubtedly be searching for a quick fix. Well, the BuyPartisan app can help you find a quick fix that also aligns with your values.

Here are my tried-and-true cures:

Watch commercials
Yes, really, because you never know what interesting cures/foods/meals might pop up during the game’s commercial break. Just take out your smartphone, type in the company, and you’ll quickly see if that’s a good hangover cure for you and your values – or not.

Drink water – lots and lots of water. If your tap water isn’t the best and you are out of artisanal bottled water, we feel your pain. Peel yourself off the couch, go to the store, use BuyPartisan, and buy water from a company that supports your political party.

Get fresh air and exercise
Doesn’t it feel great to get out of the house and away from the screen to buy water? While you’re at it, stay outside! When’s the last time you soaked up some sun, went for a long walk, or played a pick-up game? Yesterday? Well, today’s a new day – enjoy it (and just for fun, scan the barcode on the football with BuyPartisan).

Eat light
Just thinking about the late-night, soak-up-alcohol, grease-fest bar (or post-bar snacks) gives me heartburn. What you need is healthy, light meals that do not remind you of any bar food at all. Think green salads, soups, fruit! If they’re packaged, you can scan them.

Take aspirin
If your head is still pounding from thumping music, screaming-to-be-heard conversations, or just having to put up with people you don’t like, take aspirin, ibuprofen, acetaminophen, or whatever over-the-counter pain reliever you have on hand. If your medicine cabinet resembles a pharmacy, scan away to find the one that matches your values.

Let time work its magic
In some severe hangover cases, time is the only cure. The further you get away from a hangover, the better you feel. And while you’re hating on alcohol so much right now, rummage through your liquor cabinet, scan away, and see which bottles are blue and which are red.

And remember, when you feel better and are out buying all those holiday gifts, use BuyPartisan and support the companies that have the same values as you.


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