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  The Spend Consciously is pretty darn excited to kick off 2015 at CES in Las Vegas this week as we look forward to making this year even better than 2014. During the show, you will definitely want to stop by and say hi, as it is your first chance to demo our next product, Eye$pend. Like our first product,


There is no other way to put it: 2014 was a wow year for us. Every entrepreneur starts with a vision, and you try to communicate it, find and fix disconnects, keep moving forward as you bang your head into the wall, and look for that crack you can squeeze through so your company takes off. Luckily, we had a

Santa Claus

December 15, 2014Is Santa Blue or Red?

Perhaps it was too many hot toddies the other night while cross-referencing our newly updated company database with my holiday shopping list, but I started to wonder about Santa’s political affiliation. Am I supporting a holiday that aligns with my values, or just blindly following the crowd? I did some research on the Democratic Party platform at the national level

Startup Stock Photos

Founding or joining a startup has become super sexy and alluring for thousands of Millenials. Once you get past the working-around-the-clock part, understand that your top programmer could bail at anytime for a better offer, and get comfortable with constantly being scared and stressed and never having enough money or time, I will admit that it is exhilarating. However, there

Amid the shopping, eating, drinking, and traveling frenzy of the holiday season, it is easy to completely overlook the underlying themes of love, generosity, peace, and goodwill. Sure, you might donate canned goods to a food drive or volunteer for a few hours one afternoon, but with the busy-ness of life, you probably won’t do it again til next year.

Shopping Holiday

For many people, the holiday seasons is as much about surviving as it is about celebrating. If you fall into that camp, our handy Holiday Survival Guide will see you through to 2015 and even show you whether those companies are more “blue” or “red” – at least when it comes to political contributions! To keep the kids happy Around


That’s right Android users! The moment you have been waiting for is here: the BuyPartisan Android app is now available for download. Start putting your money where your beliefs are. Every time you shop, you can scan a barcode and see a full run-down of the political spending behind the product that you are buying. Does the C-suite lean right


As we enter prime Hangover Season, otherwise known as The Holidays, plenty of us will be left wondering why we thought it was a great idea to drink such an ungodly amount of eggnog/hard cider/hot toddies/insert-seasonal-beverage-here last night. Oh yeah – because it’s The Holidays! When your head is killing you, your body aches, your mouth feels like a cotton

Washington, DC

Washington, DC is rapidly shedding its reputation as a staid, buttoned-up company town dominated by one big player – the federal government – and nameless, faceless office drones. I look around 1776, the co-working space where we are located, and I see anything but office drones. Instead, I see a thriving startup culture that is completely unique from other startup


If you are a loyal BuyPartisan user (thanks again for your support!), you know that sometimes “Other” appears as a political affiliation that is often displayed. Right right now, the BuyPartisan “Other” category consists of giving from Independents, Super PAC’s or a multiparty. We thought it would be a good idea to shed light on just exactly what “Others” are

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